we make digital connections personal.

 ami is buidling enviroments of seamless digital connections
between people places and objects.

the personal ambient internet.



Beautiful App & MicroApp Designs.

interact with the world around you like never before.
provides flexible, modular, infrastructureless, sensor technology for asset management solutions. we focus a human-centric design approach to create simple seamless interaction between digital and physical worlds. 


Nodes Development.

make any personal or business object smart, by adding connected intelligence ot it. with computing power & IoT there is no limit without hardware and software. guaranteeing quality and volume availability for both standard & custom products - world wide.


Smart Enviroment Deployment.

our GNSS Award winning ADEPT lab is the perfect scientific playground for IoT-research, adhering to the saying that it's best to measure twice and cut once.aking a lean ecosystem and adding to your tangible strategy for IoT.


The Digital Optimization of Physical Space.

We work to capture and increase the value of information & behavior in your daily life & business.
people places and objects merged together into a single experience.

We believe that great design tells a story and can only be achieved through a seamless integration of insight & spatial design thinking.
Uncover the value between interactions and relationships. 

AMI develops and brands innovative hardware & software for intelligent environments.

IOT Data

is the identity engine of things. - crafting a digital language for the physical world - we are developing a digital name given to every person, place and object in the trakkies world. it is the digital nametagg for physical world.

Node & Gateway

is the physical interaction engine of things. All trakkies are smart objects, which is the physical element required to enable spatial relativity. Small, compact and waterproof, trakk me’s are designed to go just about anywhere you can imagine.

App & MicroApp

is the interaction engine of things. apps are designed for handsets (phones), places and objects. we build smart networks to compliment human behavior, not dictate it. trakkies has built a sandbox approach to interactive app technologies, and organic interaction design.

IOT Systems

is the brains to a digital world. trakkies.world is the central point for enabling spatial intelligence, making predictive decisions based on encoded (HD) contextual information.
We design & build apps, nodes and a cloud platform as part of a growing ecosystem of interactive technologies. Not one type of hardware in a fixed network.

IOT Services

by a  use layered systems, advanced logic, and available hardware in new ways to create a social experience of the  things around us. Any person, place of object that has a trakkies.tagg can be part of YOUR social experience.

Labs & Research

our goal is not a single product in a confined system. We don't think it's just about great products, but the solid research that gets there. Our approach is to design truly great experience, and bake into each of our products.


custom buil sensor systems, hand-assembled for you. something a little different? even really different? we build it all. From Small production runs, to full tier custom orders we build interaction nodes from all-purpose to super specific.


experience centre’s, co-application projects, funded innovation projects. do you have a brand? We do too. Why not collaborate? If you have a brand that would benifit from trakkies™ technology, give us your details and we'll be in touch.

we create digital environments to connect people, places and objects.

we develop

 Intelligent Enviroments.

that makes any physical asset smart, efficient, descriptive, intuitive, & secure; a better part of  a connected intelligent system.

the world of ambient.

how nodes and micro-apps
work together to connect people places and objects.

we build towards a compelte connected intelligent system, together the systems make any physical asset smart and gives it the ability to sense, interpret, communicate and negotiate, and effectively have a digital ‘voice’.

this means that trakkies can turn your business environment into a smart environment by providing an advanced level of connectivity in devices. trakkies can make any business object smart, by adding connectivity and computing power.

Some Media Attention from around the World.

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choose the best intelligent-enviroment smart systems company.

A lot of thought, prototypes, soulder, coffee, cardboard, chips, boards, sensors, 3d-printers, late nights and early mornings. this is our journey.

This means that trakkies can turn your business environment into a smart environment.


we focus on large to  small helping  corporations towards their place in the future;

be it with internal optimization or external product creation. the journey - may start anywhere, but typically includes consultancy, business case creation, prototyping, field validation, full scale production of hardware and software, and ongoing implementation and services.
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